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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cooking Capsules (tm)

Smart Capsules(tm) is in the development phase of their first utility!

It's called Cooking Capsules, and may just revolutionize the way you cook.

The idea is to use Cooking Capsules on your smart phone to "Watch, Shop, and Make" a meal, a dessert, a snack-- whatever you fancy.

Browse for a recipe using our search tools or choose from our rotating featured recipes, then:

1. Watch: A short video (between 1 and 3 minutes long)...
2. Shop: Equipped with GPS navigation to your nearest market, check off the built in list (and add other items if you wish).
3. Make: You've seen how it's done, you've got the goods, now use the step-by-step recipe checklist...

And viola! Simple elegant food for you and your guests (or just you!). It is not only a time saving convenience but is entertaining and environmentally friendly (no cook book, magazine clipping, or written/printed lists)

Right now we are in development for the very exciting Google Android platform, a new operating system for mobile devices. Google and a very impressive roster of technology players formed the Open Handset Alliance. The industry is in for a big wave of positive change and healthy competition. Speaking of competitions...

The Cooking Capsules mobile application for Android will be submitted to the Google Android Developer's Challenge. While we know there will be a lot of submissions (actually we have no idea how many), we are hopeful they find our utility as smart and fresh as we do.

Fingers crossed!

The next post(s) will be the first two cooking shows.