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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Google I/O update and killer media coverage

I'm admittedly a bit behind on blogging. So much has happened! The Google I/O conference was wonderful- I've been meaning to post pictures. I got to meet a lot of great people from Google, such as Dan Morrill, as well as many of the other Challenge winners. It was so much fun and we got really positive feedback. Two of my challenge partners were here from out of the country, so I got to meet them in person. They are now back home in India and Holland and we are working hard with the rest of the team to try to place Cooking Capsules in the Top 10 and prepare it for market.

I was interviewed by a Japanese journalist from Nikkei publications, and showed up in an article I couldn't read. The translation software made it a rather amusing read, but it is a real honor. My PR friends tell me this is like the Wall Street Journal of Japan. Speaking of the WSJ- Cooking Capsules got a nice mention in Smart Money magazine (the WSJ magazine), but apparently they don't archive the articles for long so the link is now broken (so I sadly removed it from our press page.)

Then the July issue of Wired came out with what I consider to be the first really comprehensive article about Android and it's eco-system. And they placed Cooking Capsules first of their top picks for Android apps! The design and editorial illustration at Wired has always impressed me. I love the way they make the featured apps look so tangible- like something you could hold in your hand. It makes me want to snap it in there with some of the others and take them for a spin! (It is funny developing pre-device release.)

I have to admit I look at the Wired article in the magazine and online nearly every day to make sure I didn't dream it. I considered buying a million copies and wallpapering my office with page 138s, but instead I've pulled my head out of the clouds (as much as possible) in order to focus on the task at hand- which is making Cooking Capsules the best it can be along with an amazing team of developers and content makers. There is volumes to be done and a lot to be figured out, but I'm committed and so are the people I'm working with. We want Cooking Capsules to change the way people cook.