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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cooking Capsules wins TOP 20 in the Android Developer's Challenge Round 2

It's Official! WE WON!!!!! (again) Yipeee!!!

Cooking Capsules has officially landed in the Top 20 of the Android Developer's Challenge! For this my teammates and I will be awarded a collective $100,000 from Google.

You can see the entire list of apps here with descriptions and screenshots of each.

The Round 2 Cooking Capsules development team:

Ivan Angelov in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Tu Chengyuan in Beijing, China
Travis Choma in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Mary Ann Cotter in San Francisco, U.S.A
Tom Gibara in Birmingham, U.K.
Muthu Ramadoss in Chennai, India

So you can see it turned into quite an international line-up! (I feel like I should thank Skype!)

I would also like to credit several other people who have contributed significantly to the success of Cooking Capsules:

Erika Bauer, User Experience Consulting
Sukhjit Ghag, Show Host and Content Provider
Jane Gideon, P.R. Consultant
Christine Gonce, Show Host and Content Provider
Shane King, D.P. and Editor
Dia North, Video Producer
Igor Stalew, Video Producer
Jason Wolos, Crew

And all the family and friends who have supported this endeavor and helped us brainstorm and network. Thanks for being there and believing in this. It has only just begun, but we are off to an auspicious start! I've also been blessed to receive lots of messages from people excited about the app who have comments, questions and suggestions. It means a lot.

Also thanks to the other members of the Android community. I am honored to be among them. There are such exciting apps throughout the top 50 and beyond.

And last, but definitely not least, thank you on behalf of all of us to Google and the groundbreaking Open Handset Alliance who did the judging. It is an extraordinary honor and an exciting time.

Thank you!!

Please stay tuned for more Cooking Capsules news as it arises!

-Mary Ann