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Thursday, October 23, 2008

T-Mobile G1 & Android Market with Cooking Capsules Taster

Hi Folks!

Things have been crazy and exciting here at the Capsule factory. The team and I are so excited to finally have our first set of encapsulated recipes up on the Android Market! We will be putting some love into the website as well. Christine has taken a lead on that, so we can keep it fresh and offer more information and neat cooking related tidbits. She's doing such a great job- thanks, Christine! Actually a lot of people have been doing some pretty great things for Cooking Capsules, so we will get some bios and credits up soon so you can meet more of the launch and content team, as well as more about those who were involved in our Google's Android Developer Challenge win.

We've been getting so much amazing press! Since my last post, there was an article about me and Cooking Capsules in the Palo Alto Weekly (my parents were proud!), and coverage about the app in (Cooking Capsules Taster was the journalists "personal favorite"!), and yesterday the Wall Street Journal where we were listed under the heading of "fun" with PacMan, Bonsai Blast (my two favorite games on Android) and a handy movie finder developed by an engineer at Google. There is nothing quite like pulling the paper from my doorstep in the morning and reading about Cooking Capsules over a hot cup of coffee. Truly amazing.

Christine and I showed up to catch some of the madness at the T-Mobile store in San Francisco Tuesday where there was a long line of people waiting to buy their G1 phones. We talked with a few people and told them about our app, ran into a couple of Googlers, and just generally soaked in the excitement. It's great that people are so excited for Android! Yesterday the phone was released in the rest of the country, although some had gotten theirs in the mail early.

And, as if the G1 launch and media coveragewasn't enough, we are currently ranked #1 in popularity in the Lifestyle category on the Android Market. Who knew how hungry so many people would be for the Capsules?

We've been getting tons of great feedback and ideas from users, which we love, since this app is for you. The resounding one is "we want more!" Patience, Android users. We hear you! We can hardly wait to give you more. There is lots unfolding and we will keep you in the loop. One user told us if we have a mailing list he wants to be on it. This got us thinking about that. So stay tuned, we'll be working on some sort of newsletter. As I mentioned, we will be enhancing with lots of goodies, and we have been keeping good track of the press coverage, if you would like to follow that, please check in periodically at

Thanks a million for the support, and keep on cooking with Capsules!

Mary Ann

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