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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Girl Geek Dinner "How to Succeed In Mobile" panel at Google HQ in Mountain View

I was honored to be among the panelists at the relaxed and interesting Girl Geek "How to Succeed in Mobile" dinner event sponsored by Google and held at their Mountain View headquarters.

This is the Oprah moment right after the video stopped rolling where they gave all the panelists new Nexus One Google phones! We're holding them up before we'd even un-boxed them. (Photograph courtesy of Erika Bauer)

It was lovely to be a part of this panel and I am grateful to Kris Corzine (who did a brilliant job moderating) for inviting me as well as to Angie Chang (who co-organized it) and, of course, all the people at Google who had a hand in making the event happen, shooting and editing the video, serving great food and drinks, and granting us such nice parting prizes. The other panelists and the people who attended were an inspiration and joy to chat with. As you can tell, I loved it. It was great. I wish we could do it often.

Here is a video of the event in it's entirety from Google's Tech Talks YouTube Channel:

There are more photos of the panel by Erika Bauer HERE and some others by Angie Chang (who was an organizer) HERE

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