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Monday, April 5, 2010

Cooking Capsules Brunch cooking app now on Android!

At long last, the release of our "Cooking Capsules Brunch" recipe
collection app for Android!

We've spent lots and lots of hours doing the content development, including recipe planning & testing, video (cooking show) production and post-production, & app development. I personally have thought of little else but Brunch for months now. I do hope you'll enjoy it . We think it is well worth the $1.99 price tag. We love going out for brunch too, but Cooking Capsules Brunch gives you the option to easily make an elegant, economical brunch at home too.

Like our inaugural release (Cooking Capsules Taster) Cooking Capsules Brunch is an app that includes eight delicious recipe "Capsules", each one neatly packed with concentrated information including our cooking show, shopping list for the market, and a step-by-step recipe checklist.

So if you've got an Android phone, search for "Cooking" in the Android Market or just scan here to learn more and download:
If you are someone who enjoyed our first cooking app or loves the idea of cooking with their phone, please give it a try.

When we started out we were chosen as one of only 30 apps (for the first two weeks of the Android Market), we won Top 20 status in the Android Developer Challenge, were picked by TIME and WIRED as their favorite app for Android and cooking. This is all so meaningful to us, and all the hundreds of messages asking for more recipes.. Here is the thing though:

We believe our concept, design and content stands the tests of time, but there are now 30,000 apps (a far cry from 30!)and it's a lot harder to get the word out. So we need you more than ever. You are who we are making these apps for. It is you who will keep us doing this work. So do us a favor and make yourself some Crepes with Berries, Eggs Benedict, Asparagus Strata, Swiss Potato Latkes or one of our other tasty dishes, and let us know what you think! If you are enthusiastic about it please spread the word, tweet it, take a picture, tell us a story! We appreciate you. Thank you.

Keep on cooking!

-Mary Ann